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"It's about telling the stories that were once told to us, that made our heart's beat, that made us believe we could do anything, that made us believe we could be anybody, but in our own way, so that others can feel the same.  Ultimately it's about making people feel something."

Rachel Kaden is an award winning Director & Writer from London, UK, with an innate love for storytelling. Her early years as an actress educated her in the art of performance, and a deep love of cinema led her to study film at The Sir John Cass School of Art in East London. 


She is drawn to portraying human emotions in new and interesting ways. Rachel has a unique ability to be able to see and understand the different layers and complexities built in to us as humans, and uses this to challenge the way we look at the world.



Always up for an adventure and exploring the action packed world of fiction, Rachel has a love for gritty British films. She also loves to explore the humanity within truth, and often finds herself drawn to documentaries.  Believing that being able to tell a good story, whilst finding the truth inside it, means you can create compelling films of both fact and fiction.




SLEEP TIGHT - Director - Short Film (2018)

A relationship forms between a powerful businessman plagued by insomnia and a male escort hired to accompany him while he sleeps.



JOURNEY – Director -Short Film (2018)

A single father struggles to regain his faith after the tragic murder of his 11 year old autistic son.




WAITING FOR TOMORROW – Director - Short Documentary (2018)

3 Rape Survivors take us through the journey of an assault.  From attack itself, the court case to life after trauma.




THE SPIRAL OF CONTAINMENT: RAPE’S AFTERMATH – Director – Short Documentary (2018)

Behind the scenes of Elisa L Iannaconne’s Art installation The Spiral of Containment: Rape’s Aftermath.  A documentary exploring the creation of the project that shared the story of 25 rape survivors from around the world.




MINDS MATTER – Director – Short Documentary (2017)

Mental Health sufferers talk about the reality of mental health, showing us how individual, but how connected it is.




ARCHANGEL - Director - Short Film (2017)

A young gangster tries to keep his brother out of harm’s way, but his oldest and closest friend has different plans.




IN THE STUDIO WITH JULIETTE ASHBY – Director –Short Documentary 2-part series (2016)

Juliette Ashby recording live in the studio and talking about the motivation behind two of her songs




THIS IS ME – Director – Short Documentary (2016)

The youngest rifleman to go to war in the Royal Green Jackets talks about PTSD and life after the army

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"I will keep learning to be the best version of me, that never ends...

...Settling was never the goal!"